Wheelchairs normally make you think about elderly or handicapped persons. But the purpose of wheelchairs is not limited to people anymore as you can find dog wheelchairs to help your beloved dog recover from injury or other ailments. These wheelchairs can also be used to carry an ageing dog as well for convenient moving. If you have an elderly, disabled or injured dog with limited mobility, then you must consider buying this wheelchair. The most common reasons for dogs to get a wheelchair include ruptured discs, disc disease, hip dyspepsia, arthritis, paralysis, limb paralysis, front and back leg amputation and neurological disease. Since the concept of wheelchairs for dogs is new so you will require a proper guideline for buying wheelchair for your dog.

To begin with the purchase process, measure your dog. Once you are done with choosing the type of wheelchair for your dog, complete the entire dog questionnaire and measurement chart for the manufacturer’s design. Make sure that you take the right measurement to protect your dog from discomfort. you can either visit the manufacturer for ordering the wheelchair for your dog or you can order online. If you decide to order online, make sure that you know the process correctly and the cost of the product including the charges of delivery service.

If you face any problem regarding your order, you can inquire directly from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers may ask you for photos or information regarding your dog’s condition in order to provide you with the best solution. After purchasing the wheelchair, let your dog adjust with the new condition and spend some time in making your dog comfortable with the wheelchair. So invest in a good wheelchair for your dog and help your dog become what they used to be. 

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